Codenames, Essay 1, and Groups

Hey everyone,

Click here to find your codename, based off of your student ID. If you are a student registered in COGS 303 Winter Term 2017/18 and cannot find your ID, please email me at cogs303 at gmail dot com. Do not use your name in your essays, but always your codename instead. Also do not tell your fellow students what your codename is, since you will be using these for the rest of the term!

Click here to find your assigned essay, based off of your codename. I have tried my best to assign essays based off of your preferences, but since it is a larger class than ever before, and there were only 30 topics to choose from, some of you might have not gotten the one of your liking. Priority was given to those who responded to the form earlier, and those who did not fill it out were randomly assigned a topic.

Click here to find the groups that you will be analyzing essays in on Tuesday. Again, if you are registered and are not in a group, please send me an email.

Good luck, and see you Tuesday!