COGS 303

Sorting By Citation Count on Google Scholar

Here are the instructions for searching by citation count on Google Scholar: 1. Search for something you might be interested in (or a paper you’re familiar with) 2. The results will show up with a small link, on the lefthand side under the text which says “Cited by #” 3. Click on this link! 4. […]

Enrolling in Turnitin Class, Term 2

Hi Guys, Here are the instructions for registering yourself in our class on so that you can upload your assignments there. Let me know if you have any questions! (You might need to click “Expand” to see my post). Class ID Info, 303 Tess

Study Advice

Hi 303- Here is some study advice from Ron and another professor to a student who was asking for some study advice about 303 in the past. I hope this is helpful. (First is from Emily, the other professor; the second is from Ron.) “Hi X, … Here is a process I adopted to remember […]

Visual Analytics

Hi Guys- Here’s the link to the information about Visual Analytics Ron talked about in class on Thursday! Tess

Sorting by Citation Count

Hey Guys- I heard some people struggling with finding low citation count papers… here’s a mini pro tip about finding papers for your critique! You can filter Google Scholar search results by citation! Youll actually be sorting the papers that cited a different paper, but this is useful for you. First, find a paper that […]