Welcome to 303 Winter Term 2017/18!

Welcome, you’ve found the course page for COGS 303! This main page will be used for announcements throughout the term, so remember to check back from time to time to find useful information.

Everything else that you will need can be found on the tabs on the left. Some of you might have noticed that not all of the links available work properly at this point in time, which will be all made functional as we go through the term. However, all the necessary files you need at this point in time should be available!

Click here to go to the intro questionnaire so we can set you up with the classmates that you will be doing analyses and other groupwork with.

Click here to choose your top three essay topics you need for your first essay (due 6pm, Sep 7)

Click here to find the information you need to register to Turnitin.

Good luck, and have fun!