Welcome to COGS 401 W2

We’re in the process of updating the website, but for now, here is what we talked about on the first day.


There will be 8 lectures and 8 discussion days. You will be expected to write 4 commentaries @ ~750 words each, choosing one of each set of two lectures/discussions to comment on. As reading material becomes available, we’ll post it in the Course Materials section. Eric asked that you do the readings between the lectures and the discussion day so that you come fresh to the lecture and well-prepared for the discussion.

Beyond the commentaries, you will be preparing a research prospectus. This will include a pitch/discussion day where we talk about your ideas for the prospectus. Next, you will do a succinct oral presentation on your idea and the class will offer feedback. Taking what you will from that feedback, you will refine and research your idea more fully. After a final presentation, you’ll write the prospectus, due some time during the exam period.

Your TA

Hi, I’m Ted (Teddy) Grover. I’m a 4th year student in the Computational Intelligence and Design stream.   This is my last semester at UBC before I graduate and I thought it would be awesome to give back in some way to the awesome people that are COGS people.  I love everything that is COGS but I would say that I am most passionate about the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to novel problem domains in the social sciences, as well as analyzing the future impact of technology and technological policy on society.

I pride myself on my analytical writing ability so if you need any advice or extra help please talk to me!  I don’t bite :)

You can contact me at cogs401@gmail.com, or talk to me after class. I’m on campus every week day, and I’m happy to set up a meeting if you need any extra help.

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