2021W TA Applications are OPEN

The Cognitive Systems Program seeks to fill a number of Undergraduate Teaching Assistant positions for the 2021 Winter academic sessions. UBC students are eligible to apply to assist with the following courses: COGS 200, COGS 300, COGS 303, and COGS 401. These positions are conditional on the COGS Program’s budgetary approval. Some may be appointed at 50% (half-time), with duties and salaries reduced accordingly. Please note, at the time of application, if you are willing to be considered for a half-time position.

Qualifications: At a minimum, the applicant must have successfully completed the course(s) for which they are applying to TA.

Duties: TAs may be required to mark student work, attend classes, hold office hours, run lab sections (for COGS 300), maintain Canvas sites, and administer course email inboxes.

Hours of work: 192 hours over the course of the term for a full TA position (at an expected rate of around 12 hours per week). 50% of this for a half time position.

Application form: https://cogs.air.arts.ubc.ca/ta-application-form (log in with your CWL)

Conditions of employment are governed by the collective agreement between CUPE 2278 and the University of British Columbia. The deadline for on-time applications is March 1, 2021 and the hard deadline is April 30, 2021.