Climate Strike Statement

On September 27th 2019, demonstrators around the world will strike from school and work, completing a week of climate action. UBC students, staff, and faculty will be joining this movement, starting at 11:00am in front of the Nest, followed by a bus and bike convoy to meet with the other strikers at Vancouver City Hall.

The university’s Cognitive Systems (COGS) programme is committed to ethical, safe, and productive innovation. In order for such innovation to be ecologically sustainable, large-scale political action is urgently required. We therefore demand bold and transformative action from UBC, and from our political leaders. As an institution that is dedicated to “advanc[ing] a sustainable and just society across British Columbia, Canada, and the world”, UBC must take action against the climate crisis, in a way that is proportionate to its scale.

As members of UBC’s Cognitive Systems Society, the student body, and the program’s faculty and staff, we support those who participate in global climate demonstrations. Students will not be penalized if participating in these demonstrations prevents them from attending COGS courses on September 27th. A donation raised from our community will be made in support of efforts to stop climate change, following a debate and discussion (in the COGS 303 class that meets on September 27th) as to the most effective actions that can be taken.

The UBC COGS community recognizes the immediate need for action to combat the social and environmental effects of the climate crisis. We are dedicated to supporting the climate demonstrators and indigenous peoples who are at the forefront of this fight, and are committed to carrying on this conversation long after the conclusion of the present demonstrations.


UBC Cognitive Systems


Christopher Mole Candice McGowan Robert Hebert
Myla White Shalini Mohan Amanda Hage-Hassan
Joshua Mattson Alessandra Te Will Dougall
Alara Celik Roger Wang Anya Michelle Phillip
Omran Safi Dimi Zlatkov Naeema Al-Mridha
Devon Kenzie Eric Patterson Pia Kahl
Kushal Mohee Tayah Lee Grace Shaw
Isa Zrilla Eldon Graham
Michael Oliver Ryan William Hill
Daniel Liu Petal Vitis
Misha Afzaal Sandy Co
Amir Ashtari Kenneth Sun
Celia Gentle Hayden Ostrom
Elisha Lucero Linda Zarbafian
Owen Tangjintanakarn Gabrielle Lardner
Jess Spahl Ford Atwater
Selin Acikgoz Ryan Picardo

A PDF copy of this statement is available here.