COGS 200 – Introduction to Cognitive Systems

COGS 200

COGS 200 is the introductory course in the Cognitive Systems. It serves two purposes for students interested in COGS. First, students are introduced to a sample of the issues commonly encountered in the study of cognition.  This instruction is performed from the perspective of each of the constituent disciplines (computer science, linguistics, philosophy and psychology) with the aim of demonstrating the strengths and failings of each approach.  Second, students are trained to think beyond disciplinary boundaries in order to integrate the material they have learned with further investigations of cognition and intelligence.  This course has a strong teamwork component; there is no additional lab or tutorial.

COGS 200 is team-taught by instructors from the four constituent disciplines.

Anyone is welcome to take COGS 200, although you may need to contact the Program Coordinator to register.