COGS 303

Section 1- Critique Paper Selections (updated)

(Feb 12 2018) The final paper selections are listed in the Critiques tab. (Feb 3 2018) I have received most of your paper selections and aggregated them into a list on the Critiques tab. I tried my best to lump them together by what they seem to be about, but those categories are very crude […]

Chapter Mappings for Syllabus (11th-12th edition)

Here’s the mapping for the 11th to 12th edition of the textbook chapters. The readings on the syllabus are based off of the 11th edition of the textbook, but if you’re going off of the 12th edition, these are the chapters you should be reading! Sorry about any confusion earlier in the term about correct […]

Section 1- B&K Reading for Jan 16

I know there’s been some confusion about the readings in the syllabus (which are based on the 11th edition of the textbook), so to clarify, the readings for the topic of “The Structure of Arguments” (Jan 16) are based on ch. 3 in the 12th edition titled “What are the Reasons?” By next week, as soon […]

Section 2: Enrolling in Turnitin Class, Term 2 2018

Hey COGS 303 (003), Here is the information you will need to join the class on Turnitin ( : Class ID: 17100970 Enrollment key: robot Please let me know if you have any problems with that. (at Charlotte

Section 1: Enrolling in Turnitin Class, Term 2 2018

Hi Guys, Here are the instructions for registering yourself in our class on so that you can upload your assignments there. Let me know if you have any questions! (You might need to click “Expand” to see my post) The enrollment key and class ID can be found here Maira

Welcome to 303 Winter Term 2017/18!

Welcome, you’ve found the course page for COGS 303! This main page will be used for announcements throughout the term, so remember to check back from time to time to find useful information. Everything else that you will need can be found on the tabs on the left. Some of you might have noticed that […]