On this page, you’ll find information about Debate teams and your assigned topics.

Debate Format and Tips (updated Jan 3)

Section 1

Debates Round 1 (January 18, 2018)

Round 1 teams

Prompt: Humans will continue to get smarter.

Teams: Team Minksy v Team Chomsky

Prompt: Mind-enhancing drugs should be made available to students.

Teams: Team Skinner v Team Hopper

Prompt: Colonization of a second planet (e.g., Mars) is crucial for human long-term survival.

Teams: Team Lovelace v Team Turing

Debates Round 2 (February 1 2018)

Round 2 teams

Prompt: It is a good idea to use robots in the military.

Teams: Team Skinner v Team Chomsky

Prompt: The best ideas come from teams rather than individuals

Teams: Team Jung v Team 10 (Bates)

Prompt: Naturally evolved systems are more robust than designed ones.

Teams: Team 9 (Cajal) v Team Newell

Debates Round 3 (February 15 2018)

Round 3 Teams

Prompt: Creativity is better generated by breadth of knowledge than by depth of knowledge

Teams: Lovelace v Jung

Prompt: Success in science is more often derived from taking risks than from cautious planning

Teams: Turing v Cajal

Prompt: Thought experiments provide interesting insights that empirical studies cannot provide

Teams: Minksy v Newell

Debates Round 4 (March 8, 2018)

Assessment Forms

Prompt: There’s always an element of subjectivity in experiment design.

Teams: Skinner v Lovelace

Prompt: The increasing need to specialize makes it difficult for researchers of different disciplines to influence each other.

Teams: Turing v Bates

Prompt: Perspectives from other disciplines always provide a reality check for any hypothesis.

Teams: Hopper v Minsky

Debates Round 5 (March 22, 2018)

Assessment Forms

Prompt: Evolution is important in understanding a cognitive system

Teams: Bates v Newell


Prompt: A university degree will soon be obsolete

Teams: Cajal v Chomsky


Prompt: Technological development should be limited to match the pace at which an economy can adapt to these technologies

Teams: Hopper v Jung

Let the TA know if you have any confusion or concerns about your team members and how to contact them.

Section 2

Debate Groups