Open position for a student volunteer on a HRI research project

Description of the project:

The CARIS lab is looking for a student to help conduct a small and well-defined research project on human-robot interaction. The purpose of this project is to evaluate a new controller that has been devised to express a robot’s state of ‘hesitation’ while interacting with a person. Unlike previous work we have done on getting robots to hesitate when they come across conflicts with people, this new controller promises to be more versatile and expressive of how persistent the robot should seem about the conflict at hand. But are the resulting robot motions convincingly hesitent to people? What parameter values should we use to create the most convincing sets of hesitation behaviours? We already have video recordings of the robot exhibiting the designed hesitation gestures using the new controller. We hope to edit and launch the videos as an online survey that will help us answer the abovementioned quetions. Under the supervision of AJung Moon, a PhD student at CARIS, the student will be responsible for converting these raw videos of robot motions into an online survey.

Skills & expectations:

– Basic video editing using Movie Maker or open source alternatives (e.g., Kdenlive).

– Professionalism, interest in research, and a sense of curiosity

– Basic understanding of html (optional)

– 20 hours of work during the months September and October.

What we offer:

– An opportunity to participate in a small and well-formulated research project from start to finish

– Get a first-hand experience on how to analyze online survey data

AJung Moon

Founder, Open Roboethics initiative

PhD(c), CARIS Lab, University of British Columbia