Summer 2020 COGS 402 (and COVID-19): Update

Update from Christopher Mole, Professor of Philosophy and Chair in the Programme of Cognitive Systems, regarding COGS 402 in the summer terms of 2020:

The campus being more or less closed, and research therefore being in abeyance, the barriers to completing a COGS 402 project this summer will be even more severe than we had thought they might be. If you had been planning to take 402 this summer, the most prudent course of action may very well be to change that plan.

There will, however, be some of you who need to take the course in order to graduate. The course will therefore be offered. If you are planning to take it, you should look for a project that can be completed without any face to face contact with human participants. There are many forms that such a project might take. It might, for example, be a literature review, a metaanalysis, a philosophical enquiry, a theoretical proposal, an historical survey, the development of a piece of software, or the building of a computational model.

If you can find a supervisor willing to supervise such a project then please do go ahead and make arrangements with them in the usual way. If you need to take the course for November graduation but can’t find any supervisor (even after a thorough search for one), then please contact me by email (chris.mole {at} Do it in plenty of time before the start of the summer term.

Be well, and take care.


Please see the latest updates regarding COVID-19 at the UBC home page at