Student Directed Seminar: ASTU 400H “Music Cognition”

  • Tuesday/Thursday 5-6:30 || UCEN 109
  • Student Directed Seminar, Winter Term 2, Jan-Apr 2022
  • Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Rebecca Todd || Student Coordinator: Rebecca Jourard

Music Cognition is an interdisciplinary orchestration of cognitive sciences (studying how the brain and mind function) and music studies (the analysis, creation, and performance of music) to explore the perception, processing, and production of organized sound as it relates to the brain. This seminar will explore Input (Perception & Attention), Process (I: Categorization & Executive Functioning; II: Emotion, Memory, & Taste/Identity), and Output (Performance & Decision Making) in a collaborative, student-led environment. With creative rigour, music and cognition students alike will critically analyze, synthesize, and co-create musical experiences and texts – creating emergent interdisciplinary connections to better understand why and how we make music.

NOTE: This course can be counted for module credit! Degree Navigator will NOT automatically recognize ASTU 400H as a module course, so once it says you are registered in the SSC please send an email to so that the Program Coordinator can make an adjustment.

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