Applying to Cognitive Systems

Thank you for your interest in Cognitive Systems.

The Cognitive Systems Program does not require a minimal GPA from those declaring a COGS major, but there is a strict limit on the number of places that are available in the program’s BA and BSc streams. Students wishing to declare a COGS major will be admitted to the program only until these places are filled, with overall GPA being used to determine the order of priority.

Students wishing to take a BSc in COGS should apply at the end of their first year, through the Faculty of Science’s coordinated admissions process. Students wishing to take a BA in COGS should apply to the program directly. Since the total number of students that can be accommodated in the program is limited, students wishing to transfer into a COGS degree at a later point in their studies can be admitted only when others have transferred out.

Those students who declare their major in a stream of COGS that is hosted by a department that imposes a minimal GPA requirement are still subject to these requirements. For example, the department of Computer Science’s GPA requirements apply to students wishing to enroll in the COGS Computational Intelligence and Design Steam.

Application Pathways

Complete the self-assessment below to find out how to apply to the Program (the process will differ depending on your home Faculty).