Application Evaluation

Please note: admissions into the B.Sc. CPSC specialization of COGS are processed by Computer Science. For details regarding application evaluation for this specialization in particular, please contact Computer Science Advising.

Because there are a limited number of seats available in the Cognitive Systems Program each year, satisfying the minimum prerequisites for application does not guarantee admission into the program. Eligible students will be admitted to the program only until these limited seats are filled, with GPA being applied to determine the order of priority.  

Selection for admission to the program is based on the student’s calculated average in all of the courses for which they have been awarded a percentage grade by UBC (this includes failed courses, and both UBC-V and UBC-O courses). Courses taken on Cr/D/Fail basis do not count towards this calculation.

A maximum of 12 credits will be excluded in this evaluation, provided that:

  1. the exclusion increases the student’s average,
  2. the excluded credits do not come from courses taken in COGS, CPSC, LING, PHIL, PSYC, and STAT, and
  3. the grade point average, after these exclusions, is still based on at least 27 credits of coursework.

A note for transfer students: if your transfer credits are on record with UBC, but you do not have 27 percentage-grade credits on record, your UBC admission average will be applied as the percentage for any remaining credits required for the calculation.