Workday Student

On May 21, 2024, UBC students will gain access to Workday Student. Students will utilize Workday Student to perform tasks related to the 2024 Winter session, such as updating personal information, course/degree planning (changes to majors, minors, and Academic Progress Records), creating a saved schedule, and course registration.

Workday Student will replace the Student Service Centre (SSC) as the primary student information system interface for the 2024 Winter session and beyond. The period of time when both systems will be in use is known as the “coexistence period”. During coexistence (from now until the 2024 Winter session begins), continuing students will need to conduct some tasks in both Workday Student and the SSC. These items, referred to as dual-entry tasks, include changes to student personal information that do not require staff approval. For example, if a student wishes to add or update their preferred name, they will need to make this change in both systems.

Academic Progress/Degree Navigator Reports

Degree Navigator (DN) will be replaced by Academic Progress reports (APR) in Workday Student. Registration for the 2024 Winter session will occur in Workday Student. Your 2024W courses will not appear on your DN report, and 2024W versions of programs are also not available in DN. Use the APR in Workday Student for planning and tracking your academic progress from September 2024 onwards.

If you are a newly admitted COGS student for the 2024 Winter session, use APR in Workday Student for up-to-date requirements. Degree Navigator will be available until August 2024, but after that, you will not have access. We highly recommend you save or print your DN report for reference. 

Your courses, credits, and grades have been moved to Workday Student. Any exceptions to requirements granted by Faculty Advising or COGS Advising remain valid and will be transferred to the APR by August 2024. If you find a discrepancy in your APR regarding your COGS program requirements, please contact us at

Workday Student Support

Starting May 21, should students have inquiries or need assistance regarding the transition to Workday Student, they should continue to reach out to the units or advisors they would normally receive support from, including:

  • Enrolment Services – Students can connect with Enrolment Service Advisors for support on navigating registration, tuition and fees, and financial aid and wellness.
  • Faculty Academic Advising Offices – Students can connect with Academic Advisors for questions related to course planning or program requirements.

Tutorials and additional information may be found here: