Questions regarding the following topics can be dealt with by the COGS Program Coordinator:

If you have a question that the COGS Program Coordinator can answer, please feel free to contact the Program Coordinator. Please include your student number in your email, and ask the question in the body of the email.

For appointment requests: please indicate what the subject matter is in order to minimize cases where you go to an appointment only to find out that the question was actually not answerable by COGS Program (e.g. the question needs to be answered at the Faculty level, not the Program level; the question needs to be answered by Computer Science, not COGS).

Questions regarding the following topics CANNOT be dealt with by the COGS Program Coordinator directly:

  • Hardships/extenuating circumstances → Access & Diversity (Centre for Accessibility) is your best resource, speak to them first!
  • Admission to UBC → Admissions Office
  • Applying to the COGS B.Sc. Computational Intelligence and Design stream → Computer Science Advising
  • Actually, everything related to the B.Sc. Computational Intelligence and Design stream → Computer Science Advising
  • Faculty requirements (e.g. Language requirements, literature requirements, first-year science credits, 30 upper-level science credits) → Arts Advising or Science Advising
  • Switching faculties
  • Transfer credits (from transferring or exchange) → Transfer/Admissions Office
  • Applying for graduationArts Advising or Science Advising. To calculate faculty requirements in Science, please see the checklists here. Arts students should check Degree Navigator (through the SSC) and/or request a Graduation Checkto ensure their faculty requirements are on track.
  • Credits (other than COGS courses or module courses) not appearing correctly on Degree Navigator → Arts Advisingor Science Advising
  • Course registration blocked (and you actually do not satisfy one or more of the prerequisites) → Speak to the course instructor because the instructor decides whether or not you can join the course.
  • Any course-specific questions (e.g. where to submit labs) → Speak to the course instructor or the TA. They know much, much more!


Since degrees in Cognitive Systems already have an interdisciplinary character, we strongly discourage students from attempting to take them as part of a double major. Students should also think carefully before attempting to combine a COGS degree with a minor in another discipline, with particular attention to the following consideration:

The attempt to minor creates considerable logistical difficulties, since there are limits on the overlap between courses that can count towards a major and those that count towards a minor. If there is a lot of overlap between the courses in your major/minor (note: this includes all COGS module courses), there is a limit in the number of credits from the overlapping courses that can count for both specializations. This could mean you need to take additional courses.

Students who wish to attempt such a minor should do so only having first discussed with the COGS Advisor the way in which these difficulties will be negotiated in their particular case, and will also need to speak with Arts or Science Advising to review the potential course overlap between the specializations.

Other Concerns

Contact the Program Coordinator (contact information can be found here.)