Minors and Double Majors

Since degrees in Cognitive Systems already have an interdisciplinary character, we do not recommend students take them as part of a major/minor or a double major combination. Students should think carefully before attempting to combine a COGS degree with a minor in another discipline, with particular attention to the following consideration:

The attempt to minor or double major creates considerable logistical difficulties, since there are limits on the overlap between courses that can count towards a major and those that count towards a minor. If there is a lot of overlap between the courses in your major/minor (note: this includes all COGS module courses), there is a limit in the number of credits from the overlapping courses that can count for both specializations. This could mean you need to take additional courses.

Students who wish to attempt such a minor or double major should do so only having first discussed with the COGS Advisor the way in which these difficulties will be negotiated in their particular case, and will also need to speak with Arts or Science Advising to review the potential course overlap between the specializations.

Please note: Program and Faculty Advisors are here to support you, not to build your degree plan for you. If you choose to take on a minor or double major, it is your responsibility to organize a course plan that you can execute before the date at which you’d like to graduate.