Admission Requirements

GPA Requirements

There is no minimum GPA cutoff specified for most COGS specializations (with the exception of Computational Intelligence and Design, which abides by the rules of the Computer Science department).  However, because the number of seats available in Cognitive Systems are strictly limited, GPA is used to determine admission priority. See Application Evaluation for details.

Admission Requirements by COGS Specialization

Summary of Admission Requirements: B.A. (All) and B.Sc. Cognition and Brain (Switching Majors)

  1. Students must have successfully completed (i.e. received a passing mark for) at least 27 credits and have reached a minimum of year 2 standing.
  2. Students should not apply until they have second year standing and have completed:
    (a) COGS 200 and six credits of courses in any of PSYC, LING, PHIL, or CPSC, or
    (b) Nine credits of courses in any of COGS, PSYC, LING, PHIL, or CPSC.
    In either case (a or b), taking COGS 200 before applying to COGS is strongly recommended, but not mandatory.You cannot satisfy this requirement with courses all taken in the same department. For example, CPSC110, CPSC121, LING100 is permissible; CPSC103, CPSC107, CPSC121 is not.
    You also cannot satisfy this requirement with courses that were taken on a Credit/D/Fail basis, unless those courses were taken in 2019 Term 2 (which was disrupted by measures mitigating the spread of COVID-19).

Unsure whether you meet the admission requirements? Use the self-assessment tool below to find out:

If you have taken the self-assessment and are still unsure which admission requirements apply to you, please contact the Program Coordinator.