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For general inquiries about COGS or for advising regarding the B.A Language, B.A Mind, Language and Computation, B.Sc and B.A Cognition and Brain streams, please contact the Program Coordinator (first option)Advising for the B.Sc Computational Intelligence and Design stream is handled by Computer Science Advising.

Program Coordinator

Candice McGowan
Office: Iona Building, B154
Email: cogs.advising {at}

  • NOTE: Following UBC’s COVID-19 plan to exercise physical distancing, COGS Advising will be available by e-mail but not in person until further notice.
  • Please include your home faculty, stream (if you are in COGS), year, and student number in your email (this helps tremendously). If your question pertains to Degree Navigator, please also mention:
    • The year you have declared your major (if you are in COGS)
    • The version of Degree Navigator you are using (if you are in COGS. This version must match with the year you have declared your major. If you are using the most recent version despite declaring a year or two before, you are using the wrong version.)
  • If you are making a request for an advising appointment, please still indicate what your question is in the body of the email. This will minimize cases where you go to an appointment only to find out that the COGS Program has no answer for you (your time is important!).
  • If you are making a request for an advising appointment but your question is something that can be addressed and resolved via email, no appointment will be scheduled.
  • In the first two weeks of Fall and Spring term, COGS experiences a high volume of inquiries. Your inquiry will be answered in the order that it was received. Thank you for your understanding.

Program Chair

Christopher Mole
Office: Iona Building, B155
Email: cmole {at}