Degree Requirements

The Cognitive Systems Programme does not require a minimal GPA from those declaring a COGS major, but there is a strict limit on the number of places that are available in the programme’s BA and BSc streams. Students wishing to declare a COGS major will be admitted to the programme only until these places are filled, with overall GPA being used to determine the order of priority.

Students wishing to take a BSc in COGS should apply in their second year, through the Faculty of Science’s coordinated admissions process.  Students wishing to take a BA in COGS should apply to the programme directly. Since the total number of students that can be accommodated in the programme is limited, students wishing to transfer into a COGS degree at a later point in their studies can be admitted only when others have transferred out.

Those students who declare their major in a stream of COGS that is hosted by a department that imposes a minimal GPA requirement are still subject to these requirements. For example, the department of Computer Science’s GPA requirements apply to students wishing to enroll in the COGS Computational Intelligence and Design Steam.

Once you have been admitted to a COGS major, the requirements of your degree will vary depending on the faculty to which you belong, and on the specialization on which you choose to focus. The degree requirements listed here are taken from the UBC Academic Calendar.


Core COGS Courses

All Cognitive Systems students must complete the following courses:

 Course  Course Description Notes

COGS 200
Introduction to Cognitive Systems

An introduction to the variety of methods by which cognition is currently studied in natural and artificial systems.  The course focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration across the fields of computer science, psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, and philosophy.

Pre-reqs: (second-year standing in the Faculty of Arts or Science.)

This course is restricted to students in one of these programs: BA in year: >=1 -OR-
in one of these programs: BSC in year: >=1 -OR-
in one of these programs: BCS -OR-
in one of these programs: BASC

COGS 300
Understanding and Designing Cognitive Systems

A lab and lecture-based course, providing students with hands on experience of the ways in which the theories from diverse disciplines can be put to work in the design and implementation of robots, and other artificial cognitive systems.

Pre-reqs: COGS 200, 3 credits of Computer Science

COGS 303
Research Methods in Cognitive Systems

A critical examination and comparison of the research methodologies that are used in the different disciplines relevant to the study and design of cognitive systems.

Pre-reqs: COGS 200.

COGS 401
Seminar in Cognitive Systems

Interdisciplinary seminar integrating theory, methods, and current research topics.

Pre-reqs: COGS 300.

COGS 402
Research in Cognitive Systems

Supervised research project in a Cognitive Systems-related laboratory.

Pre-reqs: COGS 300. (COGS 401 is recommended.)

This entire class meets at the beginning and end of term for student presentations and discussion.  Students must arrange their research projects before the start of term, and obtain written confirmation from a prospective research supervisor (See the COGS 402 course page for further details).

Module List

All Cognitive Systems students must meet the ‘Module Course’ degree requirement specified by their stream. The list of approved module courses can be found here.

PhD Program

Cognitive Systems is currently available as a subject of study at the PhD level only for students who are enrolled in doctoral studies in the department of Linguistics.

Interdisciplinary graduate programmes in other COGS related disciplines can be persuaded through the UBC Interdisciplinary Studies programme, or through any one of the contributing departments.

Degree Requirements Archive

To look up old degree requirements from past years, please visit the UBC Calendar Degree Archive. Note that COGS degree requirements are listed by Faculty, then specialization (e.g. to look up Language stream requirements, look at the Linguistics section of the calendar archive).